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Transparency In Investing

Inland Capital and Landon wanted to set themselves apart from other investment minded companies and provide a more transparent model. Uniquely, Inland Capital provides one of the few funds in the Pacific Northwest that actually invests the money you give them into the product that you’re investing in.

An In Depth Look at Landon Cunningham: An Inland Capital Expert

At 19, Landon wasn’t sleeping late or missing his first class as a college freshman. He had just bought his first investment property with his brother on Spokane’s south hill to fix and flip. “We found a good deal on the south hill that we wanted to buy and fix up. We bought that property, cleaned it up, put it on the market, sold it and lost money.” Landon chuckled recalling the story. It may not have been a success but it kick-started Landon into a world of investment property real estate.

Originally from Seattle, Landon found his way to the east side of the state and ended up enrolling at Eastern Washington University where he would go on to graduate with an emphasis in Business Administration and Economics. He toyed with the idea to attend graduate school after his graduation but his brother convinced him otherwise. “I thought as soon as I graduated, I’d head back to Seattle. But I ended up developing some good relationships in Spokane and really enjoyed the people. I liked working in the real estate business so I ended up staying.”

Landon liked the challenges of the industry and in 2013, he decided to come on board at Inland Capital and work alongside his brothers. In the beginning, he worked with borrowers to help them finance their investment property projects. “For the last few years, I’ve been going down to the court house every Friday morning and helping investors buy on the courthouse steps,” Landon explained. “Traditional banks will take 30-60 days to fund a deal where we’ll have people call us on a Thursday and we’ll fund them on a Tuesday.” With that strategy, he’s helped fund over 125 investment property projects and that number is still growing.

As he continued to grow with Inland Capital, Landon began focusing more of his attention on the investor side of the business. What does the investor side look like? It means Inland Capital can take funds from anyone who is an accredited or qualified investor looking to get into real estate and invest that money for them while providing set returns each quarter. “The reality is that a lot of people like to invest in real estate but they don’t like the maintenance and headache of real estate. Inland Capital is a good diversity tool where we take their funds, we take care of all the deals and pay a quarterly dividend.”

Yet Inland Capital and Landon wanted to set themselves apart from other investment minded companies and provide a more transparent model. “One of the unique things about us is that we’re one of the few funds who actually invest the money you give us into the product that you’re investing in. We’re not taking your allocation and re-allocating it five different times. We’re investing it directly to where you want it,” Landon explains. “We also allow our clients to come and take advantage of looking through our files and validate our model to ensure we are trustworthy. We’re an open book.”

Not only is Inland Capital an open book, but Landon explains, “We put our money where our mouth is. Many of us have invested money into the fund and have a vested interest in the performance of the business.” And he wants future investors to feel the same way.

Landon wants to help and provide information to anyone that requests it. He’s here to show that there is no ambiguity into where an investment is going. Inland Capital does not water down your investment and he concluded saying, “We don’t make money unless you make money.” It’s what brought Landon to the team and it’s what he continues to show new and previous investors everyday

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