Real Estate Investing Minus The Headache

Investing in real estate can be time consuming and requires a certain amount of management experience that many investors don't have the time or money to devote to a project to achieve their desired return on investment. An investment with Inland Capital provides the desired exposure to the real estate industry and starts generating you a solid return on day one of investment, without countless hours and headaches.


Inland Capital Fund

We believe the Fund is a great diversification tool for investors’ portfolios, as it provides the following:

  • Recurring, high yield income (when compared to traditional publicly traded stock dividends)

  • Protection from daily stock market volatility.

  • Your money is working for you through established business operations, meaning there is no need to wonder if your return is going to come from someone who is willing to buy your stock in the future for more than you paid.

  • No need to sell all or part of your investment to generate recurring cash flow.

  • The Fund’s aim is to preserve your capital investment.

  • No management fees


The Investor Difference




We have an open book policy when it comes to our investment fund. We welcome those folks who want to review our loan files, discuss questions that arise helping to ensure we are a trustworthy investment partner.



We utilize a major accounting firm to consistently audit our financials and files to ensure Inland Capital remains reputable and trustworthy.


Wide Range of Experience

Our experts have extended knowledge in many different industries including real estate, information technology, business administration and consulting, banking, and finance.


Strong Values

We take care of our people (investors, clients and team members), working to establish and build lasting relationships.


Looking to the Future

Inland Capital is committed to operating and building for the long run.  With many employees, family member, and friends invested in Inland Capital, we make decisions with our aim on being sustainable and successful 5, 10, and 20 years from now.


Our History & Track Record

Inland Capital has originated over 900 loans, totaling over $100 million in originations, while experiencing a less than 1% default rate.  Over 50% of borrowers are repeat borrowers, giving Inland Capital a strong client retention rate.


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