Get to Know Your Lender

Inland Capital was born on the back of a boat in the Pend Oreille River.

But before CEO Aaron Cunningham ever had the idea of private money lending, he worked in real estate. In 2002, Aaron joined the industry as a real estate assistant and began selling homes in the Seattle area. Within a year, the business of selling homes turned into a business solely devoted to flipping homes with a new business partner.

Aaron spent nearly six months doing intensive and thorough research on the very best ways to buy properties, flip them, and make a profit. His motto was, “If the profit’s there, we’ll figure out the rest.” And boy, was there a lot to figure out! Aaron poured over stacks of data, read title information, learned about prime locations in the area, and went through info on the foreclosure process.

Back in the days before Zillow, before Google Maps even existed, Aaron and his partner unfolded giant city maps, and drove from potential property to potential property with a paper copy of upcoming foreclosures in their hand.

With time for growth and newfound experience, Aaron and his partner were able to flip an average of 25 homes per year for a grand total of 200 renovated homes. But in 2006, the Seattle market became stiff. Competition was fierce and housing prices skyrocketed.

While visiting family in the area, Aaron decided the time was ripe to move to Spokane, where housing values were infinitely better than on the West side.

After moving to Spokane and building his own home, Aaron continued flipping houses in the area. Another year passed, and feeling the need to branch out, he decided to partner with an auction company to gain experience in other segments of the home flipping process.

While discussing business with a buddy one summer shortly after, Aaron realized that there were absolutely no private money lenders in the area. The idea for Inland Capital, a private money lending resource for flippers and investors, was born on his friend’s boat while floating on the river.

Backed by his family and a small but growing group of investors, Inland Capital emerged in the Washington, Idaho and Oregon real estate markets as a driving force. Inland Capital funds clients who improve communities and neighborhoods by purchasing and remodeling homes that have been neglected. Inland Capital provides a secure opportunity and a regular return for investors who want to invest in real estate but don’t want the hands-on experience of home flipping.

Inland Capital is on a mission to help real estate investors stay successful by providing a reliable and quick funding source for their transactions. They accomplish this goal by upholding the purest values: integrity and trustworthiness.

Now that you know our story, tell us yours! Contact us about investment opportunities today – pre-qualify for a loan from us or contribute to our fund.

We’re excited to get to know you.

Cory James