Pros and Cons of Private Money

Borrowing from Inland Capital means that you get privately held funds – funds that come from our own investment fund, not from a bank. We assess and analyze each loan request on an individual basis.

We come alongside you to provide a second set of eyes on the property you want to buy. We use our expertise and our years of experience to give you professional, qualified advice on the property you’re looking at. We don’t just lend you money, we want to lend you our perspective. We promise to be transparent with you and to provide you excellent treatment as you walk through the lending process with us.

What does success look like for us? We want to see you be successful. We want you to capitalize on good opportunities and make a profit. Successful investments lead to more and more opportunities for similarly successful investments. We believe that this path you’re embarking on is a steady climb and we want to help you up the hill.

If you’re successful, we’re successful. The longevity of our business and the stability of our company depends on that mutually beneficial relationship. You can trust that we’ll always be advocating for it! Let us walk beside you on this journey.

If you still need convincing, please consider this list of pros and cons to private money loans through Inland Capital:

We are fast.
Typical banks take between 30 and 60 days to generate a loan. We can process a loan in as little as one day. You can snag the property you want today.

We are flexible.
We don’t make you jump through hoops, and we don’t require everything that a bank would. As long as you are an experienced and credible investor and your property is of good value, we can work with you.

We treat you well.
We’ve heard horror stories about how banks and other private money lenders treat their borrowers. We guarantee that your best private money lending experience will be with us.

Private money has a higher interest rate.

Though our loan interest rates are higher than traditional bank interest rates, our rates won’t change. We lock in terms, and we don’t change them. We do what we say we’re going to do, and you can depend on that consistency.

Please reach out to us with any questions you have about our processes. Otherwise, visit our website to start the pre-qualification process today.

Cory James