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For over 10 years, Inland Capital has provided loans to ambitious and success driven real estate investors. With flexible options, fast financing, and proven real estate experience, we can be your trusted financing advocate.

The Inland Capital

Borrowing Experience

Financing a distressed house, commercial or multifamily project has gotten more difficult in recent years. Banks rarely understand the upside potential that small, community-focused developers and entrepreneurs see. Inland Capital can give you the loan you need quickly and efficiently, so you can focus on growing your business. 

Proven Real Estate Experience

With over 75 years of combined, proven real estate experience, our experts are willing to share insights into your projects with the hope that you will find success in each project.

Fast Processing

Get pre-approved within 24 hours and close the deal in as few as 3 days.

No Upfront Fees

Zero $ in upfront costs means more liquidity and capital available for you to invest into each project.

Creative Solutions

Many of these “fix-and-flip” and “renovate and rent” properties are not bank financeable. Inland Capital can be creative and fund projects that banks may refuse to finance.

Financial Coaching

New to borrowing and investing in real estate? No problem. We will guide you through the process every step of the way. As investors ourselves, we know what you’re going through and will offer you our full support and expertise.

Profit Potential

Instead of focusing on financing contingencies or on a buyer’s income status, Inland Capital look at whether the from purchase to rehab has profit potential. As your advocate, Inland Capital will do its part to help ensure the highest potential of success for its clients.

Our Borrowing Process

Step 1: 
Get a contract.

We underwrite all of our loans in house in order to provide the highest level of customer service. We want to be your partner for all your project needs.

Step 2: Fill out our loan application.

We protect all of your information once you submit it to us. Once we have your information, we can better serve you and your needs.

Step 3: Provide required documentation.

Get fast approvals for your financing needs by providing specific documents to help speed up the process.

Step 4: Close the loan and begin your project.

Choose your lending package and finalize your loan. We can deliver your needed capital within days.

Preparations Before You Apply

To help with the efficiency of the underwriting, approval and documentation processes, you can obtain and/or prepare the following items:

  • Purchase & Sale Agreement
  • Organizational Documents (if the property will be owned by an entity: LLC-Operating Agreement, Corporation-Articles of Corporation)
  • Property Profile (if available)
  • Comparables (if available)
  • Title Commitment (if available)

Lets get started.

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